The Joy of Music!

Music offers us a joyful celebration of our faith – and Duncan United loves to celebrate! We arMusic Windowe blessed to have several professional musicians in our congregation who generously share their talents and their love of music with our choral groups and the congregation.



The choir welcomes all who love to sing as they prepare anthems in a variety of styles to share in worship. Rehearsals are Thursday evenings at 7:30. Please speak with Connie Masson our music director if you are interested in joining our choir. New voices are always welcomed!

Our Organ


The pipe organ in the sanctuary at Duncan United was built in the 1920’s by the famous American firm of W. Kimball of Chicago. Originally purchased by First United in Victoria for their newly completed sanctuary, it was replaced in 1932, when it was purchased and donated to Duncan United by Mr. David Ford, Duncan’s postmaster. Installed in 1933 and moved to the new church in 1941, it is a testament to the builders that it is still in use today.

With two manuals and a pedal board, the organ “speaks” through 506 pipes, of which 30% are wood and 70% metal. The pipes visible on the front of the oak case are speaking pipes from the Open Diapason rank – what we think of as the basic pipe organ sound.

The keyboards are original but were recovered when an electric keyboard unit was installed in the 1960’s by Hugo Spilker of Victoria.

In 2021 the organ pipes were dismantled, cleaned and refurbished bringing a much clearer sound.