Life is often a series of compromises between greater and lesser evils. For instance, personal transportation devices (cars), their support systems and their attendant impact on the environment are often seen as an ‘evil’ versus public transportation systems and their support systems. In our household we’ve chosen a lesser evil (available only because we have the capacity to borrow money) by purchasing an electric car with its other impacts on the environment. What choices have you made?
This year’s study on ‘lesser evils’ comes to us from the United Church Publishing house. A series of short, thoughtful Daily Reflections based in story, each week’s readings lead to a small group session and discussion focused on an Ethical Dilemma leading to a ‘lesser evil’ conversation.
The study will take place in two formats – on line via Zoom and in person in the church sanctuary. Beginning on Tuesday March 8, time of day will be one pm for the on line version and 6pm for the in-person and online conversation. A national webinar happens on the same days at 10am for those wishing a broader perspective.
The book can be ordered from the United Church Publishing House in paper or E book format at: A limited number of copies will be available at the church office for a contribution of $20.00 each.
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Meeting Id 536 213 059 – Password is 239075