This year’s Advent Study will focus our responses and activities through the lenses brought by 5 people reflecting on the meaning of Advent:
In “A Season that Forms” poet, editor and artist, Kelly Hall (one of the authors and editors of “The Voice” Bible translation) reflects on ‘becoming, being born, not filling in an outline, but growing into love’
In “A Cup of Longing” author Becca Stevens reflects on the season of loneliness, the longing of the soul for the truth that resonates with the seeker. We’ll be looking at excerpts from one of her books “Letters from the Farm”
In “The Risk of Incarnation” author Parker Palmer calls us to attend to the simplicity of the Christmas narrative to think about the risk inherent in the call to be reborn, fully human. On love’s need and our own need to be nurtured, loved and tenderly cared for. We’ll have a look at one of his books, “On the Brink of Everything”.
In “Coming to Find Us”, author William Paul Young, wonders about the obedience of God to Mary and the presence of God in Jesus. ‘The call to walk through the veil into the face of a love that is consuming.’ Excerpts and thoughts from his book “Lies we Believe about God” will help shape our conversations.
In “Redefinition, artist and pastor Marlon Hall, sees Advent as an interruption and interruption as an opportunity to seek what is broken and find the beauty within. He encourages people to take steps to find the beauty already waiting in their lives, to craft an artistic, creative response with their lives. His insights and process will help shape our time together.
Tuesdays, beginning November 20th— at 2pm or 6:30 pm for five weeks.